YuleSlide Atlanta

YuleSlide Atlanta 2024

Who: All trombone players regardless of age  are welcome to join us for an afternoon of trombone holiday goodness. Ability to read and perform music of a moderate, level 3 on a single reading is preferred. 1st trombone parts should be able to linger around high G and higher for an afternoon, bass trombone parts require a solid low D and pedal range. 2nd and 3rd parts are readable with range from low G (bottom of the staff) to D or F (just above the staff).

When: Sunday afternoon, December 1, 2024. There will be a rehearsal ahead of time near by followed by a 1 hour concert on the Square in Marietta. Afterward, all are invited to grab a bite to eat near the event.

More details coming as we get closer to next Fall

Here’s are samples from years past of our YuleSlide Book.

And just for fun, NOT a YuleSlide tune, but a fun one from when we hosted Christopher Bill for a holiday concert…