Our History

The Atlanta Trombone Ensemble (formerly Slide by Slide) was founded in 1997. The original participants were members of the Atlanta Wind Symphony who wanted to get together during the off-season to play quartets and keep their collective “chops” up playing quartets together. As the group grew, they began playing more pop style music, often with drummer and electric bass and would play various block parties and summer festival events.

Since the summer of 2012, Gil Estes has been leading the now re-named “Atlanta Trombone Ensemble”. Over the past 5 years, the ensemble has broadened its repertoire to include more challenging music, including 8 to 12 part traditional trombone choir pieces. They have become a regular participant in International Trombone Week as well as YuleSlide. The Atlanta Trombone Ensemble perform 5-7 concerts per year as well as various jazz/pop style summer events.